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Do you have an item that needs calibration but is too large to move? We can bring our equipment to your location and perform the calibration. Do you have a large number of items and would prefer that they not be out of service for an extended period of time?

Again, we can bring our equipment to your location and minimize your inconvenience. Depending upon the calibration being performed we typically need a room that is climate controlled and has several electrical outlets that we can use. No climate controlled space? No problem. We can work around almost any issue. Because we monitor the environment carefully while we are doing a calibration our uncertainties are as small when doing a field calibration as when we do a calibration in our lab. We will work whatever hours are needed to make your calibration needs as painless as possible.

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We cover most Pressure, Torque, Electronics, Electrical, Temperature and Dimensional instruments. You can also complete our online form and indicate your need for onsite calibration. We usually respond within 24 hours.

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