What Do We Calibrate?

The short answer is almost anything. We can handle most electronic devices, most temperature and pressure devices, and many physical measurement devices.

Below are the equipment that we calibrate:

  • Electrical Tools
  • Torque Tools
  • Temperature Tools
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Dimensional Tools
  • Gas Monitors

For anything else call us (713-944-3139) or use our Contact Form – we can take care of it for you as a one-stop shop.

We want to make your calibration requirements easy and convenient for you.

Service can be expedited for a small fee. This will put your equipment in next in line service and speed up turnaround time dramatically.

Expedite fees vary depending on the instrument. Please consult with our sales representative (sales@gulfcoastcalibration.com) or Request a Quote for pricing.

Yes we do offer pickup and delivery services within Texas. Please contact our sales representatives (sales@gulfcoastcalibration.com) for specific information about availability.

If your instrument cannot be calibrated due to an instrument failure, you will be notified to determine how you would like to proceed. A number of different options may be available including: repair of the instrument by us at our Houston Repair Center, repair by the OEM if applicable, or we can provide a quote for a replacement instrument.

We would be happy to provide you with assistance if needed. However, we cannot recommend a calibration interval. You must choose a calibration interval based upon your company’s quality policy and the performance of the instrument over time. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when determining your calibration interval. We will be glad to guide you through this process.

Yes, we use a centralized online laboratory information management system called CAMS. Your calibration certificates will be stored for at least 3 years at no additional charge.

We offer three levels of calibration service: Certificate of Calibration, Certificate of Calibration with Data, and Certificate of Calibration with Data and Uncertainties. These are available through our calibration asset management system web portal.

We are located in Houston, Texas USA.

We calibrate a wide variety of instruments across a number of disciplines including electrical, temperature, pressure, dimensional, humidity, torque, flow and many more. For a complete overview of our capabilities, please visit: What We Calibrate

Yes, we have a comprehensive calibration and asset management program called CAMS, which stands for Calibration Asset Management System. We will automatically remind you a month before your next calibration is due.

Yes you can specify which points are used for your calibration. There may be an additional charge depending on the points requested and the discipline of the calibration. The calibration may also be considered a “limited calibration” if the test points requested do not test the entire function/range of the instrument.

Your specified calibration interval has no bearing on the price of your calibration.

Each customer sets their own calibration intervals.

Generally, all of our calibrations are traceable to a higher authority such as NIST. NIST is a National Measurement Institute (NMI), but is not the only NMI capable of providing traceability.

Basically uncertainties define how well a lab can perform a respective measurement, the lower the uncertainty the better the measurement. Uncertainties are all inclusive of respective processes to include traceability components. Please click here to see our white papers.

Measurement data isn’t absolutely required but it is highly recommended for most quality programs. This data enables the user to determine where within its respective tolerance requirements the instrument was found and was returned to the customer. This is especially important when the unit is found out of tolerance.

Gulf Coast Calibration invests significantly in its quality and operations departments to ensure our systems and processes are correct. We have a robust technical & quality team that develop calibration processes and verify those processes on a regular basis.

If you are making measurements it’s important that you have confidence that those measurements are correct. If not what’s the point in measuring?

Almost always, but the frequency of recalibration varies depending on the measurement and Test Equipment. Usually this interval is defined by the OEM but can be adjusted based on the stability of the respective equipment.

Per the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) P14 you must have documented uncertainties to continue traceability.

Calibrating torque tools requires specialized equipment and expertise. It is recommended to seek professional calibration services for accurate and reliable results.

The frequency of torque tool calibration depends on factors such as usage, manufacturer recommendations, and industry standards. It is generally advised to calibrate torque tools annually or based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Using uncalibrated torque tools can result in inaccurate torque application, leading to under or over-tightened fasteners. This can compromise safety, cause mechanical failures, and incur additional maintenance costs.


Due to the vast number of instruments we calibrate, as well as the many variations of these instruments, it is not possible to provide a complete price list. You can submit your list of instruments to us and we will provide a detailed price quote within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry. You can submit through our contact page or email it as an attachment to sales@gulfcoastcalibration.com

Gulf Coast Calibration accepts a variety of payment options for your convenience. For prepayment we accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and America Express), Purchase Orders, and international wire transfers. We also offer credit terms to existing customers. Companies wishing to receive open terms should forward three trade references and once bank reference to:

Gulf Coast Calibration, Attn: Accounting, 5202 S. Shaver Street Houston, TX 77034, USA

Allow one week to clear. To avoid shipping delay until credit is approved, companies and individuals should use a credit card.