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Dimensional Inspection

At Gulf Coast Calibration, our team of highly qualified operators is ready to take on any metrology challenges in our climate controlled lab, or on-site at your facility. We will not simply provide the data, we will work with you to understand problems, identify specific tolerances and initiate solutions. Whether you need help completing FAI’s, PPAP’s, CPK’s, or just need to relieve an overloaded Quality Department, we can help make things go smoothly. Just fill out a request for a quote to let us know how many samples you would like inspected, and we’ll provide a competitive quote to get the data you need. Even if you only need certain dimensions checked, we can provide partial inspection reports.
Equipped with both contact, and non-contact measurement machines, our lab that can measure even the most complicated part, with or without a CAD model. Our repertoire also includes equipment necessary for cross-sectional analysis, enabling us to cut parts to inspect complex internal features. Once all of the data is collected by our skilled metrologists, a detailed report is generated with the results and the equipment we used. If needed, we will also number your print to make the data easier to review.
CMM dimensional inspection - Gulf Coast Calibration
Gulf Coast Calibration offers CMM Dimensional Inspection and Materials Testing services. We keep up with the most elevated level of accuracy and quality. We provide Part Measurement Services at our climate controlled and monitored lab or onsite at your facility.
With labs brimming with equipment and highly trained technicians, exceptionally prepared experts we can tackle any measurement task. From 2D & 3D measurement to force, surface roughness, and more. No matter what the challenge is, we ensure you’re getting the most accurate and precise results possible. Whether you need one part or hundreds inspected, we’ve got you covered.
Dimensional Inspection Solutions:
-First Article Inspection (FAI)
We will conduct a thorough, independent, and documented physical inspection to ensure that the prescribed production methods resulted in a fully conforming item as specified. We work with you to meet your requirements and timeline, whether this is a full or partial FAI.
-Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
When it comes to reporting, we are at the forefront. We have a variety of reporting tools available to us, including the Production Part Approval Process (PPAPs). Our software includes a variety of reporting templates as well as the ability to create your own custom reports easily.
-Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility (Gage R&R)
Before variable or attribute checking fixtures can be used in production, they must be verified and certified. Annually, gauges and checking fixtures should be checked. We can certify your tooling in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.
-Gage, and Tooling Assembly
You can be confident that our process is effective, informative, accurate, and efficient when it comes to verifying sub-assembly components/gauges, providing real-time shim pack adjustment measurements, or ensuring that your complex 3-dimensional forms are correctly located.
Dimensional Inspection; also referred to as:
• Dimensional Metrology
• Product Evaluation
• Inspection Services
• Parts Inspection
• Metrology Services
• Layout Inspection
• Validation
• CMM Inspection
• Contract Inspection
• Measuring Services
• Verification

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