CMM Calibration

Our factory-trained personnel are professionals who not only certify but also calibrate all sorts of coordinate measuring equipment, portable arms, optical projectors, and vision systems.
A Coordinate Measuring Machine can be certified by anyone; we calibrate them. This implies that we not only give a traceable certificate, but we also tweak the equipment to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications (depending upon age or condition).
You’ll never have to be concerned about your machine being out of calibration again. CMM will inform you 60 days before your current certificate expires, allowing you plenty of time to schedule a calibration appointment.
We can calibrate your video system because we are a Hexagon Metrology and Optical Gauging Products certified calibration provider. This means that we will make all necessary adjustments to your measuring equipment to ensure that it meets the specifications of the original equipment. We are dedicated to ensuring that when our technician departs, you have complete confidence in your valuable metrology equipment.