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2021 HV Rubber Goods Testing Price List.
All PPE testing charges are inclusive of cleaning, visual inspection, testing, and stamping, packing and
shipping in accordance with ASTM and OSHA requirements.
All items should be shipped with the PPE RMA Form (available on www.gulfcoastcalibration.com ) to :
Attention: Gulf Coast Calibration – 9431 Winkler Dr, Houston TX 77017
We offer fast Onsite testing Services of hot sticks, grounding cables, and most electrical test and
measurement equipment. Our techs can generate tags and calibration certificates onsite using our cloud
based Calibration Management System – CAMS.

R1Rubber Gloves$15/pairCall for Bulk discount for more than 50 pairs.
R2Rubber Sleeves$12/ea
 R3Rubber Blankets$12/ea
 R4 Line Hose (All sizes)$12
 R5 R5 Hoods $12
 R6 Hot-Sticks 14 ft. long or less $40
 R7 Hot-Sticks over 14 ft. long $50
R8Insulated Jumper Cable Test & Cleaning$30
R9Grounding Cable 1-Phase Test & Cleaning$40
R10Grounding Set 3-Phase Test & Cleaning$50
R11Arc Flash Suits (all sizes) and
all other HV PPE Rubber
CallPlease specify the make, model #

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