Environmental & NDT Equipments

SKU Equipment Description Price ($)
F1 Single Gas Monitor Any 100
F2 4 Gas Monitors O2/CO/H2S/LEL 120
F3 5 Gas or 6 Gas Monitors Any Call
F4 Flaw Detectors Ultrasonic 185
    Eddy Current 160
F5 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter All 150
F6 Ultrasonic Probe All 90
F7 Phased Array Ultrasonic 185
    Eddy Current 160
F8 Magnedc  Fieldmeter Analog Type 120
    Digital 195
F9 MPI Equipment All 160
F10 Tachometer All 100
F11 Porosity/Pin  Hole/Holiday Detector All 65
F12 Light Meter /Photometer White Light & UV 250
F13 Thickness Gage Ultrasonic 150
    Per leaf  
F14 Densitometer Bulbs All 150
F15 Yoke AC 100
    DC 120
F16 Radiometers/Radiadon Survey Mters Any 150
F17 Conducdvity  Meter Meter and Block 250
F18 Dosimeter All 120
F19 Woodpecker All 195
F20 Bond Testers All 295

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