Pressure Equipment Price List

SKU Equipment Description Price ($)
D1 Backflow gauge Vacuum to 150psi 75
D2 Pressure Calibrator E,g, Fluke 718 295
D3 Pressure Gauge Vacuum to 5000psi 40
    Up to 10,000psi 45
    Up to 20,000psi 70
    Up to 40,000psi 90
D4 Chart Recorder 1 Pen 105
    2 Pen 145
    3 Pen 185
    4 Pen 225
D5 Pressure Switches Any 115
D6 Pressure Transmitter Up to 40,000psi 160
D7 Pressure  Transducer Vacuum to 20,000psi 175
    Up to 40,000psi 225
D8 Needle Adjustment Zero 10
    Span 25

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