Temperature/Humidity Calibration Price List

SKU Equipment Description Price ($)
C1 Dewpoint Sensors Any 65
C2 Dewpoint Transmiter Any 85
C3 Dewpoint Indicator Any 75
C4 DigitalĀ  Thermometer Any 65
C5 Dry Block Calibrator Any 80
C6 pH Meter Any 120
C7 Pyrometer Any 85
C8 Psychrometer Any 55
C9 RH Sensor Any 65
C10 RH Transmi^er Any 85
C11 RH Indicator Any 75
C12 RH Recorder Any 105
C13 RTD Calibrator Any 85
C14 Temperature Transmi^er Any 75
C15 Temperature Switch Any 65
C16 Temperature Chart Recorder 2 Pens 130
C17 Thermocouple Any 65
C18 Thermometer Any 85

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